Those resolutions

Those resolutions
So after yesterday, everythings back to normal with emails etc etc
which is good.
Anyway amigo, how’s that January resolution panning out
With our first full week of the new year just gone let me know how’d it go
To plan?
Few ups and downs?
Didn’t get anything done you wanted to?
Didn’t plan properly beforehand?
That was how mine went
I never planned the week properly so as from today is when I start my first FULL
key 4 week
what is key 4 you ask?
Ask yourself:
for 4 IMPORTANT things that need to be done this week
easy as that really
except it’s not
and I struggled when I firs started doing this
You’ll first pick 4 things that don’t really matter
Let’s say for example
What – exercise 4 times
why – lose weight
when – the end of this week
how? get my ass to the gym
now people would think that’ll work…
in theory it should right
very rarely does it
why do I know this?
people set this goal EVERY week EVERY MONTH EVERY year
yet still…
are in the same position they were in last year
what makes it worse?
they don’t change. In my world we call that insanity
the same stuff yields the same results that aren’t working
what does work?
what will work?
being accountable works
And accountability trumps any meal plan or diet plan you’ve ever undergone
You can stay accountable this year:
Heck I may even see you tonight….if you take action and not procrastinate…
You get the drift right?
Ashley ‘200ibs’ Kettle
P.S Yes I am 200ibs right now pretty much 30ibs more than when I was on stage, feels…strong…never hungry…mentally TOUGH but…coaches orders

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