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October 2015

What You Eat Affects You

So, yesterday we came up with a method to understand how you are spending – and in most cases wasting time, what did you find? Speeeend..
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Make Time Count

It’s crazy what the extra calories do for you The energy levels are right back up and today we get given the go ahead to get back in..
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Boom, Whats New


Whats New, What’s to come

So guys after a long prep, long hours of cardio, intense weight sessions, ration food portions it was..

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The ‘Waste’ Trainer

5 days left hombre Tiredness is real BUT Excitement is also real, like really HIGH I struggled to sleep last night, due to..
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Chicken Meatballs / Burgers

Chicken Meatballs / Burgers


500g of ground chicken breast

1 slice of wholemeal bread made into breadcrumbs – in a blender or nutribullet

3 tbsp of grated..

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Stay Hungry

Good evening, I’ve been MIA right? I know but don’t worry I’m fine, I’ll be honest, I’ve just been tired and incoherent in..
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Experience of the ‘flash’

Good Morning Todays topic is pretty much TRUTH Each day when you set out to do what you have to do Please make sure it counts and make..
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Why is water important? Part 2


So back to yesterdays water discussion

WHY water is needed, not about physical appearance today but more on the topic of

Intra reasons..

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