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November 2015

I was the same

Seems this morning I was abit of an eager beaver Got my cardio done bright and early although, usually I do Cardio – Tuesday, Thursday..
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Are you superman or antwoman?

Another late one from me kind of mix up between morning emails and evening emails.. Just to keep you guessing Truth is I’m feeling..
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The Hunger Games

I’m all about going to the movies and UNDERSTANDING what’s happening I’ll be honest I get emotional on movies Sad, happy, confused,..
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What do you need to know?

Start of a new week, Last week was hectic – deadlines all around to get the Xmas anti weight gain Ebook done for the weekend available..
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4.5 hours to secure yours

4 and a half hours to get your hands on the most interactive Ebook you’ve seen We’ve been working on adding new content to it today..
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“Quickly, how much”

That is the question I’m getting thrown a me when people Found out I’m releasing the most interactive Ebook to-date. Which drops in..
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