It’s been… good

It’s been… good
Pretty sure this is the first time we’ve spoken
since Sunday…
damn, long time
Was my birthday at the beginning of the month
I went to see Arsenal play on Tuesday
– Not the most exciting game 0-0 –
and as for yesterday that was a lazy day
you know,
those days you just lounge around and only get up to eat
still managed just under 12,000 steps though
I must tell you about this pizza restaurant
we went to on Tuesday
not your regular dominoes or pizza hut greasy n ish
this was different lad out on a wooden platter
pretty thin base….that first bite….
So good
or maybe I was hungry heck I’m always hungry
What was pretty crazy though was the fact that
I saw one of my clients in the same shop
Enjoying a pizza
and just that
not going over board
Had a little chat and they said
 “trained legs today I’m going to enjoy ever bite, and move on”
and rightly so
why not?
What would stop you from getting that pizza?
Next question:
What would you feel after having that pizza?
Could you just move on and leave it at that, or
would you then have to get sweets, cake ad loads of other stuff?
See, this is common with who I work with
either afraid to eat
Do not want to stop eating
even in society it’s very common
that time period after work…6pm
you reach for a snack
then more and more
it’s all behaviours
if you can change your behaviours
you’re ready to progress like never before
and your clothes, aswell as partner
will compliment you hugely
Of course if you’d rather be scared to eat out
Eat at unsociable hours by yourself in copious amounts
That’s your choice
I respect that
and we wouldn’t be a good fit to work together
ashley ‘Gooner’ Kettle
P.S Going out to eat again on Saturday with some friends
A load of meat will be getting devoured 1kg steak mmm
with vegetables of course, we eat BIG of course I can teach you how to get your metabolism running just as quick

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