My Controversial and ‘kinda’ famous annual population fat gain for 2016

My Controversial and ‘kinda’ famous annual population fat gain for 2016
Here we go again,
My ‘famous’ (well,not really) yearly predictions for general population
and I hate to say it but they tend to be correct
So lets dive straight in
1 – The use of FAD diets will become more NOISY
Lets face it, diets are everywhere, TV is promoting a new diet every month it seems
It’s all just NOISE, That mots people just get listening to
which is why…
2- Accountability will KEEP KICKING ASS despite what you think about ‘willpower’
I said it last year, I’ll say it again and countless BIG ASS studies prove it
Accountability hands DIETS its ass when it comes to making sustainable fat loss
Think about it- The last time you ‘dieted’ you regained it all + some
You idol is accountable…the newspapers and magazines keep them accountable
So start
3- Phone-calls will become even more prominent
I love email, ALL of my clients get sent mail
BUT they also get phone calls ATLEAST once a week (if agree’d)
with calling clients I get way more of an insight of their day to day life
it creates trust, a better relationship
4- Lastly, asking yourself why and then finding the real reason you want to lose fat 
will become more and more RELEVANT
Most people fail to lose fat because they feed themselves lies
They cover up the real reason they want to do this
how they ‘just want be fit’
How they want to get healthier
which is all well and good but TOTALLY A COVER UP
to the real reason
what they are trying to do
Lose weight because their partner has commented
Lose fat because they can’t wear their favourite dress they bought 3 years ago
Lose fat because they have a holiday coming up ad they want to look the SHIT
do you want this?
you can get your bodyfat measured TODAY, FREE
email me NOW on:
Ashley ‘predictor’ kettle
PS- You don’t have to believe any of this…
BUT when comparing my results and those of the people I work with wo have changed their mindset
and lifestyle habits within WEEKS
to the rest of those that tug along on the treadmill and feed themselves lies?
You can make the decision today…we’re only 12 days into the new year

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