Now this is brrr…cold

Now this is brrr…cold
It’s super chilly outside right
That cold breeze that slaps your face as soon as you leave your house
Lucky enough I’ve got an extra few ibs to keep me a tad warmer haha
Yeah it’s cold it can be used an excuse or
you can just deal with it and not let it bother you
I still go on my daily walks, obtain my 12,000 steps a day etc etc
think of it like this, when the weather is ‘nice’ again
you want to be walking down the street thinking
“I’m the shit!”
You want to be wearing the clothes you love that make you feel good
not having to worry about
‘how do I look’
‘Do I look bloated?’
‘I feel horrible’
Scrap that, the time for that is wasted
but there’s no doubting that it’s something we all think about DAILY
don’t you?
saw an advert this morning
HSBC marketing advert
“That gym membership which has only been used once”
They basically tell you a way you can save money
saying you should scrap that membership because you are wasting your time
wasting your time by only going once or not at all since the year rolled over
and quite frankly, I’d tell you the same
unless of course
You were to join the team
in which case you wouldn’t be worried about your current state because
you’d have the tools, accountability and guidance necessary to progress
inside out
How’d you feel:
– Training 3 x a week
– Dropping 1-2ibs of bodyfat a week
– Still eating your favourite foods
– Having no restriction
– Having easy contact with your coach (me)
– having weekly actions/goals EASY for you to do but yield results
– Wearing your favourite clothes feeling GREAT
– Having people acknowledge your change
– Not always being that fat best friend (because who wants to be that)
See some will take offence to this
but the just tell stories about why they come in the gym
“I want to be healthy and improve my heart rate”
Let me tell you
that’s bulls**t
I go in the gym to improve how I look…just like YOU
I go in the gym to feel the best…just like YOU
I go in the gym to look great naked….just like YOU
I go in the gym to feel good in my clothes….just like YOU
Don’t tell a lie to feel good, years and years have been wasted telling lies
take control tell h truth and watch the change in what you do!
Ashley ‘Stop fibbing’ Kettle

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