Snooze you lose

Snooze you lose
An afternoon hit
coming atcha’
Remember the webinar that was meant to go live last Friday
But Hotmail messed me up?
Yeah we are now rescheduling and turning it into a seminar FREE
at your local gym:
Anytime Fitness Hither Green, se13 6ur
‘How to take your body to the next level and FINALLY get the results
you were looking for after spending more than
a YEAR at the gym and obtaining nothing’
I’ll also mention:
– My 90 day goal system and how it WORKS for me and clients
– What you should really be doing in the gym NOT what you force yourself to do
– Why diet plans are the main CAUSE of weight gain 
– How I utilize walking more to eat more
– Start your day so you burn MORE bodyfat throughout the day
– Identify your real WHY?
Claim your spot NOW 
Reply: “I’m in”
Ashley ‘Calls you out”
I’m capping this at 15 people to make sure we can cover everything needed
Future seminar dates will be announced shortly

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