The January EXTREME crew

The January EXTREME crew
The 4th is upon us
Last year I set goals….and when I look back I never achieved ALL of them
I saw a pattern that I see alot
and that was the reason
did I come close to achieving them, yes
Today, most of us will endure our ‘new year goals’
The gyms will be busy, packed in fact
and I love this time of year…motivation is sky high
“YES, I’m ready how do I lose 20ibs quickly”
“I want to cut out all junk food”
“I’ve bought loads of vegetables and fruit”
“I’m going to come 6 days a week”
Have you noticed something with all these statements?
re-read them
They are what I call EXTREMES
You don’t need to be in the gym 6 days a week, never
You DON’T need to cut out all junk food,

heck I eat cocopops every day and I love that stuff!

Loads of veg and fruit..great but at what price and do you even like that stuff
Losing 20ibs QUICKLY? you’ll regain that weight by the end of the year AND
feel like shit during the process…
Of course you can lose 20ibs within 12 weeks depending on
‘where you are at now’
and asking yourself
“Am I WILLING to undergo what is needed to elicit this change”
Ask yourself that again…
Are you?
Then I can help all you gotta do is make contact…
You need to take action
For members…
Don’t forget this weeks live coaching call (Friday)
Unstoppable mindset
See I may just allow non-members to get in on this one
I’ll have a think and let you know boo
But now I’m off to the gym, after I take a dump that is
Some people are making that change happen
Ashley ‘Monday starter’ Kettle
Just out of curiosity if you’re a non-member would you be interested in this call on Friday?

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