What I learnt from last week

Good morning,
13 days into the new year
Man I was not prepared for the first week (last week) at all,
But that’s all cool with me because I don’t set new years resolutions
carry on reading…
they don’t work…sorry to say they just don’t
and most people know this
there simply is no direct correlation between setting goals
on the 1st January and accomplishing them
just because it’s a new year…
I mean what’d happen if there was no years the days just went on?
would you just not set any goals?
Let me tell you what that rollover of the new year does to people
myself included…until this year
we wake up hungover on 1st January
realize it’s a new year
see all these social media posts about ‘new year, new goals’
think of EVERY single thing we WANT to change
write them all down on paper, first few days we’re on track
after the first week things seem off
not as expected
hiccups come up, you planned for 5 days at the gym but only managed 3
now you think you failed
that goal of losing 2 stone this yeah seems a myth,
the doubt that sets in your mind now is like FAT hard to remove
The next week comes along…
you say “gonna make it different this time” you spend the whole sunday ‘planning’
guess what?
Saturday comes…same thing except this time you’ve only gone twice.
A month of this and you’ve given up on all hope of that goal you set 28days ago
BUT of-course things don’t have to seem so off…
It’s part of the process when joining More Than A Human membership
You need to meet yourself where you are NOW
not where your future self wants to be
as most understand and quickly learn when starting
Don’t feed yourself lies about your WHY
Contact me NOW for a bodyfat test and consultation and
we’ll find your real ‘why’
and just so you know it’s not
“to be healthier” very vague and doesn’t last.
Ashley ‘Scrap new years goals’ Kettle
P.S I absolutely do set goals but I set 90 day goals and break them down to make sure
measuring if you’re on track is key

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