Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?
Good morning my firecracker
Last night I saw some epic stuff,
like seriously shit made me change my ways
in terms of staying accountable
this stuff is important
me providing the best content for the group training
it needs to be overlooked and checked off for safety
evidence that it will yield results
besides that’s what I’m about right?
getting results when even the toughest person comes along…
may be you
“I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work”
doesn’t it?
what have you tried?
these are questions I’ll ask you
I go deep when it comes to getting answers out of clients
Just like my coach laid it deep to me and said
“what is it that you want”
and when I replied all he kept saying is:
why? why? why?
took some emotion out of me
but that…
is why we work so well together
and compliancy is not an issue
How would you feel if when you went to your session
you wasn’t scaring over those burpees
instead you was looking forward to making improvements both
both mind and body?
want to feel more comfortable wearing your best clothes?
Have more fun with friends without worrying about how you
Be that person the say “how did you do it”
this doesn’t just happen by doing workouts
and being sick on the gym floor
(by the way if your trainer does that sack THEM)
It involves what I’ll be teaching and developing on Fridays
telecast ‘unstoppable mindset’
we’ll get deep into why things you tried before never worked and
ultimately never will….
keep on the lookout for that link btw
For now, it’s life-changing time
Ashley ‘excited’ Kettle

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