Will you test this for me?

Will you test this for me?
WANTED: 10 Human guinea pigs to trial Experimental fat loss plan (For FREE)
‘Guinea pig’ might not sound like the most flattering term in the world, but…
Human guinea pigs are EXACTLY what I’m looking for right now.
You seem, I’m just putting the finishing touches to a brand new, TOP SECRET fat loss programme that I’ve been working on for the last few months.
It’s been designed specifically for women who have just turned 30 and decided that now is the time to change, fed up of buying new clothes to fit, sick and tired of waling on the treadmill going nowhere and you most certainly have had enough of trying the new juicing programmes

all of this will change in just a few weeks

It’s not your typical ‘run of the mill’ eight week loss programme, and it does involve a few things that are a little…different
However, it’s all backed up by some solid science.
And it’s 100% safe
In fact, I’ve been using similar methods with current clients right now
and the result?
Ridiculous amounts of energy.
They are shifting bodyfat FASTER than they’ve ever done before.
which is pretty nice!
But despite these AMAZING results?
I have a slight problem
This SPECIFIC programme that I’m talking about right now?
It’s untested
And before I can ‘go public’ with this?
I need some real life volunteers to test it out for me.
Which is where YOU come in
I’m looking for 10 30-35 year old women wo are willing to invest 21 days into what could possibly be, a life changing event.
(for the better)
It’ll involve some moderately intense exercise.
It’ll involve some advanced (yet surprisingly simple) nutrition guidelines.
It’ll involve a boatload of motivation and support from myself , and the rest of the gang
And if you stick with it?
You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see in the mirror.
In fact, I’m so confident of this, that I’m going to make you a GUARANTEE
If you follow this plan to the letter?
I will GUARANTEE that you will lose a dress size in just 21 days.
Now, before you jump in and tell me that:
a) It cannot be done
B) It’s not realistic.
or even…
C) It doesn’t sound safe
Let me tell you something.
You’re absolutely right.
Or at least you would be, if you were talking about OTHER weight loss programmes
The ones that involve starvation diets that leave you feeling tired, run down and miserable.
Or the ones that involve hours, upon hours of being stuck in the gym, staring at the wall
and going nowhere on the treadmill
But this programme?
MY programme?
In fact , you’ve probably NEVR seen anything like this before. But before you get too excited, let me ask you the following questions:
Are you READY to see noticeable changes to your body in the next few weeks?
Are you PREPARED to FULLY commit to a structured plan, follow it to the letter and see it through until the end?
Are you WILLING to crate daily blogs (written and video) so that you can share your fat loss journey with family and friends via social media?
Are you HAPPY to provide a video testimonial at the very end that can be used as ‘evidence’ to prove that this programme gets amazing RESULTS?
And finally, can you attend a MINIMUM of 3 sessions per week?
Because if you can’t?
And if Any of the above sounds TOO much like hard work?
This ISN’T the programme for you
If you answered ‘yes’ to every question
you MIGHT just be a suitable candidate for this ‘experiment’
But I won’t know for sure until you apply
And to do that?
All you need to do is email your interest to: fitnessash14@gmail.com
See you on the other side.
Ashley ‘Mad Scientist’ Kettle
PS – The closing date for applications will be Friday 1st April
And I will be announcing the lucky winners the following day
So if you ARE interested?
Do something about it now
Before it’s too late….

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